A Partnership Like No Other

Fishy Business Aquatics and You!

How it Works

1. SIMPLY Apply to be a Partner

It is easy to apply for the Affiliate Program. As part of the online registration, you must read and agree on the Terms & Conditions. There is are no sale requirements, minimums to meet to earn commissions, and no caps on the amount of commissions that can be earned.

2. Create your referral link

If you don’t have your own website, we can help you set up your own customized referral link (s) and landing page. We can also provide creative materials including graphic designs (including our logo) that you can use to direct your referrals to our website.

3. Refer Customers & earn money

Once a referral comes to our site from your site, link or referral code AND makes a purchase, they are your customer FOREVER. Commission rates are based on sales amounts. The more your referrals buy, the higher rate you earn.

Together we achieve more

Additional Revenue To You

A win-win proposition! It’s simple, you refer customers to our website and when someone buys, you receive a commission on the sale. Your referrals are yours FOREVER, whenever they buy from our site (whether they use your link again or not) – you earn commission on anything they buy! Commission percentages increase as your referrals’ purchases increase. Get paid via Paypal OR get store credit.

Dedicated Landing Page

Custom, dedicated “landing pages” let you refer customers YOUR way! We can provide graphics or we can use your branding and provided materials. No confusing links or random characters to enter. See sample landing page here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/gogo-fish-store/

Real-Time Reporting 

See real-time statistics on how many referrals come to the website from your website, link or landing page. Easily track your referral visits, conversion rates (how many actually complete a purchase), your commission rate, and both paid and pending earnings.

A Partner Who Cares About Quality & About The Health Of Livestock

FishyBusinessAquatics.com is committed to becoming the #1 online saltwater aquarium livestock supplier in the Continental United States. The founders have over 50 years of combined experience in the saltwater fish hobby, including operating a local fish store.

We only sell sustainably aquacultured, captive grown or responsibly harvested products. All livestock comes with a standard DOA guarantee and an optional 7, 14 or 21-day livestock guarantee. All livestock ships via UPS Next Day Air for 10:30 a.m. delivery.

A Fully Built System To Track & Manage Your Customers

Simple Online Registration & Login Pages: Clear online registration and login pages allow you to set up your account easily and securely access your data.

Dashboard: A personalized, private dashboard to track Your performance, view earnings, retrieve your referral URL, find creatives, and more!

Graphs: You can visually track your referral activity with easy to read graphs showing weekly paid, unpaid, pending, and rejected referrals.

Payout Tracking: Real-time reports that show each referral, how much you have earned on their purchases, and how much your next commission payout will be.

Partnership Application

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